Good News! Jesus Is Our Advocate

Jul 7, 2024    Kyle Caudell

In our journey of faith, doubts about our salvation can arise, often fueled by Satan's deceptive tactics. He can lead us to false conclusions based on our circumstances or convince us that our struggles with sin are unique to unbelievers. Regarding salvation and assurance, people fall into three categories: those who are secure but not sure, those who are "sure" but not secure, and those who are both sure and secure. To address these doubts and strengthen our assurance, we turn to 1 John 2:1-6, where we learn that we can be confident in our salvation because of who advocates for it—Jesus Christ the righteous one, who is our atoning sacrifice. Furthermore, our confidence is bolstered by who accomplished our salvation—Christ Himself—and by who completes it, as evidenced by our obedience to His commands. Through these truths, we can find reassurance in the unwavering security and certainty of our salvation in Christ.