Minor Consent, Medical Release/Permission, and Transportation Form

Minor's General Information

Parent/Guardian's Information

Minor's Medical Information

Permission & Consent

My permission is granted for the North Anderson Baptist Church, pastors, and other staff personnel or other adult(s) in charge to obtain necessary medical attention in case of sickness or injury to my child. I, the undersigned, do hereby verify that the above information is correct and I do hereby release and forever discharge all sponsors and the Church from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action, past, present, or future arising out of any damage or injury while participating in a church-sponsored youth activity.

 I, the undersigned, being the parent or legal guardian of the youth named above, do hereby consent to the participation of my youth in all the scheduled youth activities of North Anderson Baptist Church, and any other supervised activities customarily associated with its youth group, including youth rallies and overnight or weekend youth trips. I realize that the church or its sponsors are not responsible for personal belongings. Further, I certify that my youth is physically fit and adequately prepared to participate in all recreational and sporting events. If I wish to revoke this consent for any reason, I will promptly notify the youth leader in writing. Additionally, I give permission for my youth to be transported to and from church-sponsored activities in a church, rental, or private vehicle. Further, I and my youth agree to abide by all rules and disciplinary measures as deemed appropriate by the leadership of the church and accept any consequences for failure to follow rules and guidelines.